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I am not sure if this the proper forum for my kind of question but since you all guys are programmers perhaps you know a bit of everything. :)

So what I want to do is to create in MS Access a simple contact database (for my clients). BUT I want for each of my contacts (AKA records) to be able to add info assigned to dates (something like subform-record I guess) one info (note) assigned to one date for each record/client

Record 1: Bill Smith. 
Date 17/02/2012 note: "I got 30$"
Date 18/05/2012 note: "I got 30$"

Record 2: Spencer Williams. 
Date 17/02/2012 note: "I got 30$"
Date 18/05/2012 note: "I got 30$"
Date 19/05/2012 note: "I got 30$"
and so on...

notice that different records will give me info in the same dates sometimes.

In conclusion I wanna make a contact database for my clients but since I am having regular dates with them I want to take notes for each client : "what date" , "how much he gave me".

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in case you are new comer in ms access world, I recommended to look at ready to use template. That can be downloaded from Microsoft site. For example : microsoft templates

in this et of template there is contact database

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