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my original question outlines my code PHP PDO - dblib MSSQL - using variable in query not working

But now im trying to execute a more complex query. I can get it to work with mssql on the windows server without too much issue, but when i try and copy paste it over to my php page i get nothing.

Im a little confused where i have gone wrong?

dbo.VehicleJobHistory.BookingID, dbo.Vehicle.VehicleID, dbo.VehicleJobHistory.DriverID 

dbo.Vehicle INNER JOIN dbo.VehicleJobHistory ON dbo.Vehicle.VehicleID = dbo.VehicleJobHistory.VehicleID 

(dbo_VehicleJobHistory.TimeJobRequired BETWEEN $StartTime AND $FinishTime) 
AND (dbo.VehicleJobHistory.VehicleID = $VehicleID)

Any guidance here would be most appreciated.

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You need quotes around your dates. Assuming they're in yyyy-mm-dd format, change the second-to-last line of your query from this:

(dbo_VehicleJobHistory.TimeJobRequired BETWEEN $StartTime AND $FinishTime)

... to this:

(dbo_VehicleJobHistory.TimeJobRequired BETWEEN '$StartTime' AND '$FinishTime')
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I should have made it clear in my original question, Ive already tried a few different combinations of that. but thanks! – Mike Mar 26 '13 at 5:43

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