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I want to replace Fasta headers in multiple files using Perl: Input files containing headers

">"gi|392206852|gb|AKUX01000001.1| Mycobacterium abscessus 3A-0119-R 3A_0119_R.contig.0, whole genome shotgun sequence
">"gi|392216784|gb|AKUY01000001.1| Mycobacterium abscessus 3A-0122-R 3A_0122_R.contig.0, whole genome shotgun sequence

Output files must be

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Are the ">" really part of the data? –  Jonathan Leffler Mar 26 '13 at 4:31
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while (<>) {
  if (/([0-9A-Z]*)_([0-9]*)_([A-Z]*)\.contig\.([0-9])/) {
    my $f = "\">\"$1$2$3_contig$4";
    print $f,"\n";
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