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I am building a search engine. In this regard, I have built a Lucene indexer in Java and also built a web interface in PHP where the user will submit the query. As my search is geo-temporal specific, so by PHP I have tracked the user's current time and location along with the query. Now my question is how will I pass those values from PHP to Lucene search module that is in Java.

In this context I have studied Zend. But it seems that in Zend I have to rewrite the searcher and indexer in Zend Lucene framework that is different from Java Lucene that I have used. I am asking is there any way that I can use to integrate my PHP web interface with Lucene without changing anything to underlying indexer and searcher that I have written in Java Lucene.

So in brief, I want to know how to pass those PHP variables to the underlying Lucene searcher in Java and display the output of the searcher back in PHP web interface. Thank you.

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If I understand Zend Search, it is an implementation of Lucene for PHP (Lucene 2.3 in Zend 1 -- don't know which Lucene version for Zend 2). The API is not a straight port, but you can use Zend Search with vanilla Lucene indexes. Google for "Zend 2 search lucene compatibility".

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The Zend_Search_Lucene and related classes that were in Zend Framework 1, which are a standalone Lucene implementation and don't depend on any other libraries, have been replaced with ZendSearch, now a git repository. However, the repository doesn't contain any documentation. I assume the Zend Framework 1 documentation for Zend_Search_Lucene applies equally to ZendSearch: http://framework.zend.com/manual/1.12/en/zend.search.lucene.index-creation.html. I don't know why ZendSearch is not part of Zend Framework 2.

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