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I have the following in JSP page

 <table border=1>
                <th>User Id</th>
                <th>First Name</th>                
                <th colspan=2>Action</th>
            <c:forEach items="${users}" var="user">
                    <td><c:out value="${user.userid}" /></td>
                    <td><c:out value="${user.firstName}" /></td>                    
                    <td><fmt:formatDate pattern="dd-MMM-yy" value="${user.dob}" /></td>                    
                    <td><a href="UserController?action=edit&userId=<c:out value="${user.userid}"/>">Update</a></td>
                    <td><a href="UserController?action=delete&userId=<c:out value="${user.userid}"/>">Delete</a></td>
<p><a href="UserController?action=insert">Add User</a></p>

A normal user is allowed to enter only 10 rows by clicking Add User button, administrator could enter any number of rows to the table.

Rows added by administrator can only be viewed by administrators and all the other rows added by normal user, but normal user cannot view rows added by administrators.

How can I conditionally render rows in JSP based on the above mentioned rule?


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if you have something like ${user.role} then you can use <c:if> to check for the role and conditionally render data – Atrix1987 Mar 26 '13 at 5:34
@Atrix1987 <c:if> will be within <c:forEach or I have put in for each row? – user75ponic Mar 26 '13 at 5:41
it all depends on how you want it. like you need to enable the Add User button conditionally depending on the number of rows, as you mentioned normal user can add max 10 rows, similarly for displaying rows, you can place a c:if within c:forEach to skip rows added by admins – Atrix1987 Mar 26 '13 at 5:50
@Atrix1987 Thanks, I will try this approach. – user75ponic Mar 26 '13 at 5:51
i will post this as an answer so that you can accept it if it helps you. – Atrix1987 Mar 26 '13 at 5:52

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You can use the <c:if> tag to conditionally display the data. Something like this:

<c:forEach items="${users}" var="user">
    <c:if test="${user.role != 'admin'}">
        <!-- code here -->

Also i believe you will need to conditionally disable the Add User link if the number of users already added is 10 and the user current user is not an admin.

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