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I am using MVC4 and I want to be able to bind my grid to a model and have it generate the columns at run time. I have done this before with the .asp version of the control and I am new to the Kendo UI version. I read that I should not use the MVC versions from telerik since they are being obsoleted. I have looked for an example of how to do this without luck. (both on their site and on the google)

I do not have to use the Kendo grid control so if there is something better out there that works with MVC I would love to know that as well. There are some advanced features I will want to make use of such as the detail template eventually.

Thanks in advance for any help, Scott

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Where is your data coming from? –  Petur Subev Mar 26 '13 at 17:31
Data is coming from an Entity Framework model. I however do not want to have it bound to any particular model, but to expose all columns at run time. Again I could do this with the .asp version of the grid. –  user638750 Mar 26 '13 at 21:14

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The Kendo UI grid is a very powerful. It DOES do what you ask. Here's the grid's demo page:


My team has been using Kendo UI for several projects, and we all really like it.

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This examples has the column names referenced in the view. I has looked through all the examples previously. –  user638750 Mar 26 '13 at 21:12

the column factory object provides this. for example this:

.Columns(col => {
  col.Bound(c => c.columnname1);
  col.Bound(c => c.columnname2);
  col.Bound(c => c.columnname3);
  col.Bound(c => c.columnname4);

would become this:

.Columns(col => {
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