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I want to export html data to pdf file. I also need to export some java code to pdf file and that java code should be displayed with syntaxhighlighter classes but it is not.


this text is to be export to pdf

Public Static Void Main()

I am using this line of code.

        HtmlPipelineContext htmlContext = new HtmlPipelineContext(null);
        ICSSResolver cssResolver = XMLWorkerHelper.GetInstance().GetDefaultCssResolver(true);
        cssResolver.AddCssFile(Server.MapPath("~/App_Themes/codeviewer/styles/shCore.css"), true);
        cssResolver.AddCssFile(Server.MapPath("~/App_Themes/codeviewer/styles/shThemeDefault.css"), true);

        IPipeline pipeline = new CssResolverPipeline(cssResolver, new HtmlPipeline(htmlContext, new PdfWriterPipeline(document, pdfWriter)));
        XMLWorker worker = new XMLWorker(pipeline, true);
        XMLParser Parser = new XMLParser(true, worker);

but css classes are not being applied to the java code which are being loaded from some js file. please help. thanks in advance.

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