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Here i am trying to make a dynamic and editable layout page in mvc.In my layout page i have a logo( which is presently hard coded). I am implementing a function so that any user can change that logo by uploading his own logo.The path of that logo is stored in database. For example if this is my logo now :

<img alt="" src="~/Images/W_logo.png" style="border-style: none;" width="115px" height="60px" />

I want it to be something like :

<img alt="" src="@item.logo" style="border-style: none;" width="115px" height="60px" />

where 'logo' is a parameter i pass in my model.


 <img alt="" src="@ViewData["logopath']" style="border-style: none;" width="115px" height="60px" />

Also if i am using a controller to store the value how can i make it so that it runs everytime the application starts. For example is this is my controller:

public ActionResult layoutChange()
  --recover path from database--
  ViewData["logopath"]=path from the database;
  return View(); -- Here the view is the layout page

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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I recommend you try to use Html.RenderAction in your _Layout.cshtml page. You can use this to specify a controller action to invoke.

The controller action can then 'recover path from database' as you indicated, and pass this path to a partial view that contains the markup for your img tag. The result of all of that will become part of the dynamic markup for your _Layout page.

By taking this approach, you don't need to pass the path value to the _Layout page. What happens is the _Layout page calls the controller (via Html.RenderAction), and the controller figures out the path and returns the entire IMG tag markup.

Hope that helps.

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Hi thanks for the response.One thing i want to know is that u mentioned that the controller will pass the path to a partial view. Instead of partial view cant it directly pass to layout page? –  nitinvertigo Mar 27 '13 at 6:10
Here's an article that provides an approach to 'strongly-typing' a layout page link. This approach is arguably somewhat limiting, but I haven't been able to find another way to do specifically what you're describing. –  David Tansey Mar 27 '13 at 14:49

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