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I am trying to code a c++ program for sorted insert of a linked list. I have given the code below. The problem is when doing my second insert i.e., insert(&head, 45); the head value is becoming 0 inside insert() function. I could not insert my second element and getting errors. Can anyone please help.

#include "stdafx.h"
#include <conio.h>
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

struct node
    int data;
    node *next;

void insert (node** head, int key)
    if(*head == NULL)
        cout <<"List is empty, Inserting at first posistion"<<endl;
        *head = new node;
        (*head)->data = key;
        (*head)->data = NULL;
        struct node* temp;
        temp = new node;
        temp = *head;

        if(key < temp->data)
        cout<<"Key is smaller than first element. Inserting at first and moving"<<endl;
            struct node* ctemp = new node;
            ctemp->data = key;
            ctemp->next = (*head);

        while(temp->next != NULL)
            if(key > temp->data)
                temp = temp->next;
                cout<<"Inserting the data at middle"<<temp->data<<" here"<<endl;
                struct node* temp1 = new node;
                temp1->data = key;
                temp1->next = temp->next;
                temp->next = temp1;

        if(key > temp->data)
            cout<<"Inserting at last"<<endl;    
            struct node* last = new node;
            last->data = key;
            last->next = NULL;
            temp->next = last;

void print(struct node *head)
    struct node* temp = head;
    cout<<"Element in the list"<<endl;
    while(temp != NULL)
        temp = temp->next;

int main()
    struct node* head = NULL;
    insert(&head, 21);
    insert(&head, 45);
    insert(&head, 5);

    return 0;
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Change (*head)->data = NULL; to (*head)->next = NULL; if the list is empty.

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Thanks for pointing out. I am making lot of silly mistakes like this in my programming. How to overcome this? any idea? – nathan1138 Mar 26 '13 at 7:15
Practise a lot. – Sibi Rajasekaran Mar 26 '13 at 7:48

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