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I have a Rails app in the backend with Devise for auth control. I try to make a call with an empty auth_token, and it returns 401 error.

However, in the code below, it goes in the 'success' call, and not the error or statuscode part. I tried keeping only the error or only the statuscode part, but neither works.

In Firebug->Net->XHR, I see the status of the network POST call as '401 Unauthorized'.

Code is below:

var dataString = {auth_token: sessionStorage.auth_token,};
var mh_url = MH_HOST + '/call_my_function.json';

   type: "POST",
   url: mh_url,
   data: dataString,
   dataType: "json",
   statusCode: {
      401: function() {
  success: function (data) 
  error: function (data) 



I was using jquery 1.4.2. Moving to 1.9.1 fixed this. And I was thinking the problem was my code !!!

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