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I am trying to extract a variable-length substring of text using R. I have several characters such as the following:


I need to extract the file path from each such character. In this case what I am trying to get is:

path1 <- "/Users/Nel/Documents/Project/Data/dataset.csv"

I am able to use the substring function:

path1 <- substr("\"/Users/Nel/Documents/Project/Data/dataset.csv\"", 3, 46)

with the indices hard-coded to get what I want in this particular instance. However, this particular path is one of many, and I need to be able to find these indices on the fly. I believe the


function could work but I can't figure out the relevant regular expressions. Thanks.

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It seems like you are just trying to remove some hard-coded quotation marks.

Try gsub:

# [1] "\"/Users/Nel/Documents/Project/Data/dataset.csv\""
# [1] "/Users/Nel/Documents/Project/Data/dataset.csv"
## or 
# gsub('["]', "", x)
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