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Hi i am using opencv for the line detection in ios. This is for my final year project. I want to upload the image of ecg and then extract the line from this for that i have used the opencv and sucessfuly i have extracted the line but now i want to save the line and facing much problem in that can anyone help me or any tutorial ?

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What do you mean by "saving" the lines ? –  Ahmed Saleh Mar 26 '13 at 9:05
I think this should help you. It says how to read and write to files. You can store your lines in however format you want. –  Safir Mar 26 '13 at 9:34

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I wrote something quickly, I think it can help you:

void write_lines_to_file ( string file_name, vector<vector<Point> > lines )
  FileStorage fs ( file_name, FileStorage::WRITE );
  fs << "lines" << "[";
  for ( unsigned int i = 0; i < lines.size(); i++ )
      // I've assumed each line is a vector< Point >, in index [0] the head and index [1] the tail.
      fs << "{:" << "x1" << lines[i].at ( 0 ).x << "y1" << lines[i].at ( 0 ).y << "x2" << lines[i].at ( 1 ).x << "y2" << lines[i].at ( 1 ).y << "}";

I didn't test it and I made my own assumptions, so please be cautious when you want to use it.

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