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I have a problem.

Can someone help to fix this code so that the progressbar starts over again when it reaches 100.

I want that you can see that the work is under progress. With my code now it stops when it reaches 100.

Hope you understand my question.

Another solution could be a progressbar that jumps around on different values the whole time. The only thing thats important is that the progressbar is working all the time until you get redirected from page.

Here is the code for my progressbar at the moment.

                var value = 0;
                var timer = setInterval (function ()
                  $("div#progressbar").progressbar ("value", value);
                  if (value > 100) clearInterval (timer);
                }, 200);
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what about setting to 0 again progressBar value when it reaches 100?

var value = 0;
var timer = setInterval (function (){
$("div#progressbar").progressbar ("value", value);
    if (value > 100) value=0;
}, 200);
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That was an easy solution, ty –  user2210516 Mar 26 '13 at 7:51
Thanks. This not only is an easy solution but works faster than the other code I had previous. –  susan Dec 6 '13 at 14:48

Simply set value to 0 when it reaches 100:

if(value > 100) value = 0;

See Live Demo

You do not want to clear the timer as it will stop the animation.

When the page redirects, all timers will be automatically cleared/stopped.

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You can try with window.clearInterval():

if (value > 100){
  var timer = window.clearInterval(timer);
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Your if statement isn't inside a block You should have it like this

if(value > 100){ clearInterval(timer); } 

Also I think the thing you want to reset here is not the interval but the value. So do it like this:

if(value > 100){ value=0; }

That should work

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You don't need to have a block for if statements if your code is a one-liner. –  Fr0zenFyr Nov 21 '13 at 10:59

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