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I have a command button which i bind its action method.

<f:view >
    <pm:page title="Title">
        <pm:view id="viewId" swatch="c">
            <p:outputPanel id="panelId">
                <h:form id="formId">   

    <p:commandButton action="#{bean.actionMethod}" update="formId" value="Click" />
    </pm:page >

Inside action method. the navigation refers the same page. Some values are updated inside action method.

public String applyPeriod(String caller)
    retrun SAMEPAGE;

Every thing is ok. but the styles is not rendered. the page returns to the default styles.

Any idea how i can load the styles. I do not want to change URL by doing real refresh. i should managed it by ajax calls.

I trace the requests of the page. There is exactly no call for styles.

I use primefaces, primefaces mobile and it is a mobile page.

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In case your managed bean get re-initialized, check if your bean's properties also get re-initialized to some default value. – Mr.J4mes Mar 26 '13 at 8:30
Related:… your current update client ID is looking for <x:someComponent id="formId"> inside the form, it's not referring the form itself. – BalusC Mar 26 '13 at 16:15
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If you didn't use : behind your form's ID I believe the problem can be related to a relative component search, trying to finding the form based on a relative identifier. By using the different element's ID you're getting the expected behaviour, I pressume because they're correctly referenced in a relative way to the context of your <p:commandButton/>.

Try using either update="@form" or update=":formId". Also, as a side note, if you want to use full ajax and you won't be redirecting the user anywhere, your method should either be void or return null.

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detailed BalusC answer:… – erencan Mar 27 '13 at 9:13

I really do not know the reason behind the scenes. However, i solved the issue by giving exact components ids to update attributes of commandButton.

<p:commandButton action="#{bean.actionMethod}" update="ListOfComponentIds" value="Click" />
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