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I have a python script on my host machine which is trying to run another script in the guest machine. I also want the script on host to feed the script on guest with a number.

On host machine:

args = shlex.split("vmrun -gu root -gp mohsen77 runProgramInGuest F:/Attacker/Ubuntu1110.vmx /usr/bin/python /home/srastega/Attacker")
Attacker = subprocess.Popen(args, stdin=PIPE, stderr=STDOUT, stdout=PIPE)
out, err = Attacker.communicate("1\n")
exitcode = Attacker.returncode

On guest machine:

n= int(raw_input("Value for n:"))
t = open('/home/srastega/test', 'a')

Unfortunately, Guest program exited with non-zero exit code:1 (the error seen on host machine). But, if I try these two scripts in one machine the communication is working properly and the first script passes number "1" to the second script which writes that number into a file.

Any idea how to interact between host and guest machine? Thanks, Samaneh

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if vmrun doesn't pass stdin to the subprocess; you try to use a temporary file or sockets instead. –  J.F. Sebastian Mar 26 '13 at 8:06
Any useful resources to read? –  samaneh Mar 28 '13 at 1:22

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