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Can or how to convert DataRow to DataRowView?

For example:

   DataTable dt=ds.Tables[0];
   DataRow dr= dt.NewRow();           
   DataRowView drv = ???? 
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DataTable dt=ds.Tables[0];
DataRow dr= dt.NewRow();         
DataRowView drv= dt.DefaultView[dt.Rows.IndexOf(dr)];
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The above method does not work if the DataRow status is Detached. This code snippet could be used in such case:

        DataRow dRow = dataTable.NewRow();
        DataRowView dRowView = dRow.Table.DefaultView.AddNew();

        for (int i = 0; i < dRow.ItemArray.Length; i++)
            dRowView.Row[i] = dRow[i];
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dear @Subramani, Thank you for your help, and please if this question is useful set up vote –  Ali Sarshogh Jun 10 at 4:46

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