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I am a new programmer who has joined this company( In the past one programmer had created a 'business account' under which they have created a facebook app which was used to create the "like" buttons for the website and the "login with facebook" feature.

We are spending a lot money through this account for our 'facebook ads' !!!, but still there is no way for us to contact facebook. (if possible, pls tell me how)

Now we have received an email from facebook which is reproduced below.

Hi (example), Your app ( has been placed in Sandbox Mode. Please update your privacy policy in the Auth Dialog. The URL may be missing or returning an error. Please also make sure your privacy policy displays on your website or app. For more info, refer to Platform Policy II.3 and this external resource: You can view this and other Developer Notifications related your app, (, in the App Dashboard. Thanks,

The Facebook Team

The problem is when we login to our facebook business account and click on 'apps' as per the email above, the URL just gets redirected to "".

Its driving me crazy? how am i supposed to comply with this new email from facebook, when the links are not working.

On stackoverflow, i also read that 'business accounts' cannot create apps !!! but my company already has one, so how is supposed to be fixed? its really tragic that facebook is taking money from us for the 'monthly facebook ads' but does not even tell us how to contact them to "comply" with their laws !!


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You can try making a bug report at Facebook, here. It might take some time but it is the only way I can see your problem could resolve. – Anvesh Saxena Mar 26 '13 at 9:51
hello Anvesh,When i go to this page, i do not see the option to "report new bug"? after googling i found that the create button must be shown next to'searchbox', but i am not able to see this. So how can we submit the bug? pls help. I tried this bug but even this does not seem to work - Thanks! – user2197892 May 13 '13 at 17:15
You just need to add the keywords into search box and it will show the option to create a bug report – Anvesh Saxena May 13 '13 at 17:27

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