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I need to pad numbers with leading zeros (total 8 digits) for display. I'm using oracle.

select to_char(1011,'00000000') OPE_NO from dual;
select length(to_char(1011,'00000000')) OPE_NO from dual;

Instead of '00001011' I get ' 00001011'. Why do I get an extra leading blank space? What is the correct number formatting string to accomplish this?

P.S. I realise I can just use trim(), but I want to understand number formatting better.

@Eddie: I already read the documentation. And yet I still don't understand how to get rid of the leading whitespace.

@David: So does that mean there's no way but to use trim()?

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See also… on unwanted leading periods (missing leading zero). – Vadzim Jan 14 '15 at 16:12
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Use FM (Fill Mode), e.g.

select to_char(1011,'FM00000000') OPE_NO from dual;

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From that same documentation mentioned by EddieAwad:

Negative return values automatically contain a leading negative sign and positive values automatically contain a leading space unless the format model contains the MI, S, or PR format element.

EDIT: The right way is to use the FM modifier, as answered by Steve Bosman. Read the section about Format Model Modifiers for more info.

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