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I have a list of Symbols representing packages, objects and classes and want to import them in a macro context.

For packages and objects, this would mean a wildcard import and for classes it would mean a “standard” import.

Given a List[Symbol] consisting of some.package, some.Class and some.Object, how would I properly import those and how can I decide whether a “standard” or a wildcard import needs to be used?

My current approach is this:

def importPackageOrModuleOrClass(sym: Symbol): Import =
  if (sym.isPackage || sym.isModule) // e. g. import scala._, scala.Predef
  else                               // e. g. import java.lang.String
    gen.mkImport(sym.enclosingPackage, sym.name, sym.name) // <--- ?????

The package/module import works, but the class import doesn't although it looks correct.

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I've not done this with the TreeGen stuff, but if you were writing this in a regular old macro, you'd need to change sym.name (which is currently a TypeName) into a TermName. –  Travis Brown Jul 8 '13 at 12:02
How would one do that? I think I tried asTerm, but that didn't work. –  soc Jul 8 '13 at 12:16
Here's a quick example that combines your code with an experiment I was working on a while back. The same thing gets printed whether you convert the TypeName to a TermName or not, but only the TermName version works. –  Travis Brown Jul 8 '13 at 12:43
Thanks, I figured it out! gen.mkImport(sym.enclosingPackage, sym.name.toTermName, sym.name.toTermName) works! –  soc Jul 8 '13 at 15:01

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You need to get the "TermName" like this...

def importPackageOrModuleOrClass(sym: Symbol): Import =
if (sym.isPackage || sym.isModule)
    gen.mkImport(sym.enclosingPackage, sym.name.toTermName, sym.name.toTermName)

You can grab more hints regarding importing, reflecting, etc. via the sourcecode at http://xuwei-k.github.io/scala-compiler-sxr/scala-compiler-2.10.0/scala/reflect/internal/Importers.scala.html

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