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Using the Angular UI Select2 directive, with tags defined on an input field. If the input is itself inside a custom directive, then it is not initialised correctly and the console gives an error:

query function not defined for Select2 tagging

I suspect this might be to do with the order in which the directives are compiled / linked vs when the select 2 function is called.

Maybe there is a simple workaround, perhaps using the compile function or a directive controller instead of a link function? Or maybe it is an issue with the Angular UI select2 directive.

I have made a plunker that displays the problem:


So my question is - How do you get get select2 tags working from inside a custom Angular directive?

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Found a workaround: If you define the variables on the controller scope, and then pass them into the directive it works. plnkr.co/edit/oHAWrK . So I think this is to do with when things are available on the scope, the link function is clearly not the right the place to do this. I would ideally still like a solution where I could encapsulate the select2 options inside the scope, instead of having to define everything in the parent controller if anyone knows how to do this? –  David Bochenski Mar 26 '13 at 10:41
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In the end I managed to find a solution I was happy with involving nesting two directives, that way the logic can be encapsulated inside the parent directive (not spilling out into the controller).

A Plunker of my solution is here for anyone who may stumble across the same issue:


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This is great. It's the one solution I've found that has gotten me as close to what I need to do working but I'm still stuck. I'm trying to pre-select the objects that are output in the console, but the query function isn't getting called plnkr.co/edit/0UVGid?p=preview. Any idea why? –  jaredwilli Sep 5 '13 at 5:09
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I just encountered this today and summarily realized the fix:

PostLinking functions are executed in reverse order (deepest grandchild to greatest grandparent).

Put your custom modal's code (or anything that sets $scope data for use in its children) inside a PreLinking function. PreLinking functions go from parent to child, and all PreLinking functions are performed before the PostLinking functions.

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I had a similar issue. Your solution works but IMHO I think an even better solution is to use the controller function instead of the link function inside the directive. Doing this you do need nested directives.

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I ended up writing my own directive and leaving angular ui to its own devices. I'd be interested to see the controller function implementation if you have time to create a plnkr. –  David Bochenski May 20 '13 at 8:36
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