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I'm looking for an open source project that provides a file manager type interface to S3. The ability to view files and "folders", add/edit/delete files/folders, etc.

I've seen, but I'd like to host something like that myself. Does anything like this exist?


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I'd recommend a 2 part solution:

  1. Use S3FS to mount a remote S3 bucket to the local linux filesystem on your server.

  2. Once that's mounted you can use a general file management tool like Boxroom or the jQuery FileTree Connector

Something to note, I've also seen much better performance over the volume mounted S3 shares than trying to access through my own API calls using something like S3Ruby.

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Thanks for the ideas. I hadn't thought of or heard of something like s3fs. How would I manage multiple users creating multiple folders/files with s3fs? Do I actually create the the folders/files on the filesytem, and let a filemanager script manage it? Or do I just create a single folder, dump all the files in it and use a "virtual" filesystem like BoxRoom does? If you've done this before, I'd love to get your thoughts. Thanks. – Jim Jones Oct 15 '09 at 18:36
I use s3fs extensively in production (typically for backups). As to how to proceed I don't really know without more knowledge of what you are trying to accomplish with your application. In general, I'd favor segmenting things at a higher level (per user folders) if for no other reason than I think it would help your sanity debugging things. – Mike Buckbee Oct 15 '09 at 19:01
Thanks. Basically I'm creating a multi-user CMS type application with Rails. So, I'd like to give users the ability to upload and manage files. I'd like to allow them to store their files in a folder structure of their choosing. So, if I use s3fs, then I assume I'd need to create actual folders on the filesystem correct? Then, behind the scenes s3fs would upload to s3? I'd also have to ensure only user's can see files/folders in their own account. – Jim Jones Oct 15 '09 at 19:54

You can download and install S3fox for mozilla firefox. Look for tutorial videos on how to use it. Its really easy.

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Perhaps using Paperclip would be the most straightforward solution for a CMS.

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Virtual File System does exactly that - it provides simple and unified interface over Local File System, AWS S3, SFTP


S3 samples:

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