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I'm trying to store Nodes in a queue (STL), but I'm getting an error.

First of all, I want to know if the struct of the Node is right.

Really, I want to store the Nodes in order of integers (small to big), I heard of the priority queue, I tried to use it, but I was getting a big error so I went back to a queue.

Then I saw something about operator overloading of the Nodes but I don't re4ally geting how to use that. Will have have to make a Node.h file?

struct Node{
  int freq;
  char Char;
  struct Node *left;
  struct Node *right;
  Node(int freq, char Char){
  freq = freq;
  Char = Char;

queue<Node*> list;
Node *a = new Node(2, '4');


Node *e = list.pop();
cout << e->freq;


error: void value not ignored as it ought to be // Node *e = list.pop();
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isn't your Node constructor going to assign values from parameters back in to parameters instead of initialize members in the struct? – Rakhitha Mar 26 '13 at 10:40
You don't need the left and right members. – bitmask Mar 26 '13 at 10:43
@bitmask I'm going to need them cause I'm building a Binary Tree with the same Nodes. – Adegoke A Mar 26 '13 at 10:44
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pop is void function. You need front :

Node *e = list.front();

Next problem is the constructor:

Node(int freq, char Char){
  this->freq = freq; // <------- 'this->' is added to access to right variables
  this->Char = Char; // <-------

My suggestion is write your constructor like below:

Node(int freq, char Char) : freq(freq), Char(Char)
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error: 'class std::queue<Node*>' has no member named 'top' – Adegoke A Mar 26 '13 at 10:36
Output should be 2 but I'm getting a large random number. – Adegoke A Mar 26 '13 at 10:38
@AdegokeA: You have a problem in your constructor. See my answer again – deepmax Mar 26 '13 at 10:41
Alright. Thanks man. How can I priorities then? – Adegoke A Mar 26 '13 at 10:42

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