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I'm trying to give google earth api a start point which I get back from Google map Api v3(I have lat and lng). The thing I want to do is give a location to Google Earth and it can automatically moved to street view level.

So far what I did can only move to ground level. The following code is how I try move Google Earth's camera

var lookAt = DS_ge.createLookAt('');
lookAt.setRange(1000.0); //default is 0.0

Is there any way to achieve the result like I move the pegman to the location I want and show the street view. I think there's a pegman function make it work but I can't find it. Any suggestion will be helpful thx :)

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To programmatically enter StreetView mode you need to add a gx:ViewOptions element to the LookAt element:

var lookAt = ge.createLookAt('');
// ... set your LookAt parameters
// don't forget default Altitude mode is ClampToGround

// enable Street view option on ViewerOptions and add that to LookAt
var viewerOptions = ge.createViewerOptions('');
viewerOptions.setOption(ge.OPTION_STREET_VIEW, ge.OPTION_STATE_ENABLED);


To control whether the user can enter Street View using manual navigation controls, call

var navcontrol = ge.getNavigationControl();
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Thanks a lot! Finally solve this problem :) –  user2189424 Mar 28 '13 at 7:13
That is why I love stackoverflow! Thanks! –  Faizan Mar 1 at 16:34
@jasonM1, How do I go about if I want to set the default street view view to main road. When it goes into street view, the camera is always looking at the ground. –  Faizan May 10 at 11:31

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