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Is there anyway I can be notified (possibly through some method/event raised) when a Component is added to a GameObject (and even child GameObject)?

I'd like to be notified(possibly in some editors scripts) when some events occurs in the editor for example:

  • A Component has been attached to a GameObject instance
  • A Component has been attached to a Prefab
  • A GameObject has become child of another GameObject istance

Is this possible?If yes how?


I found out a delegate for what concern parenting:EditorApplication.hierarchyWindowChanged

Accordingly to the doc it's called :

Called whenever the scene hierarchy has changed.

This is transform.parent changed,, creating a new game object, etc.

I still don't understand if there's a convinient way to understood which Object in the hierarchy has been changed.

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There is no "built-in" way of doing this conveniently. However, you could simulate it in a couple of ways.

  • Utilize the Awake() function in your Component to call it's parent gameObject (SendMessage works very cleanly for this) [note: this only works if you're adding a NEW component instance]


  • Create a variable to track it's parent. In the Update() method, check current parent to trigger the SendMessage to the new parent.

    Here's just 2 examples of what could work for situation--there's plenty more. At the end of the day, nothing built is (as of yet), but certainly do-able from a work-around standpoint.

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