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My apologies if I'm missing something obvious but there's something that really bugs me about the Eclipse code formatter. I don't want it to make any lines of code longer, only shorter. Is there a way to force the formatter to behavior this way?

Example 1:

if (somethingIsTrue() || somethingElseIsTrue()) {
  //-- Do Something.

Example 2:

if (somethingIsTrue() ||
    somethingElseIsTrue()) {
  //-- Do something.

I don't want the formatter to touch either of these code blocks. Currently it will always expand the second example to match the first. I don't want that.

Any ideas?

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If this is Java, under Preferences.Java.Code Style.Formatter and then in tab Line Wrapping there is a check box called Never join lines. That's worth a try...

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It's new in Eclipse 3.5, and requires you also fine tune exactly when you break lines. –  Stephen Denne Oct 14 '09 at 0:18
I was hoping for something a little less tedious. Also, we're still stuck with 3.3 where I work. So unfortunately this won't work for me. Good to know there's at least an option when we upgrade though. –  lycono Oct 15 '09 at 0:49

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