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Okay, i've searched for days, its time i give in and ask for help.

I've just begun trying to figure out Chrome extensions and am now in the beginning phases of development. I dont know too much about it all, so im stuck on level one.

I need my background.html or a background.js file, or my content script. which ever is better suited for the job - to load an external script held on my server. http or https.

So i tried with the manifest file adding "matches" and security and permissions but to no avail. I could show you my manifest file but i have ten thousand versions of it trying to figure out why it wont work.

i also tried adding it in the background.html file - again errors of security and/or not able to load file.

So where i'm at: i have a manifest file version 2, i have a background.html - which loads in my content script I have a content script which does a console.log so i know it works.

i just want my remote JS file to be loaded in :( and do anything.


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I have done similar stuff i am here giving some code snippet see if that can help you


"content_scripts": [
  "matches": ["*://*/*"],   
  "js": ["content_script.js"]


In content_script.js i load external js file this way

    //inject script
      (function() {
        var myjs = document.createElement('script');
        myjs.type = 'text/javascript';
        myjs.async = true;
        myjs.src = 'http://mylocalhost/wrapper.js';


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