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I have applied SIFT on one image and got descriptors, then I have used Euclidean distance to find similar descriptors, now I want to use k-d tree to find which descriptors are more similar and reprocess them in a data structure. Please help me how I can do it. Thanks

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OpenSIFT - which is a popular SIFT implementation, provides a convenient match command-line tool to compare a pair of images while using a kd-tree to pre-compute keypoints correspondences (a.k.a ratio test).

You should definitely refer to match.c#L55 for more details on how to proceed.

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thanks for your answer.I have only one image not pair of images. In one image i want to find which areas are similar to each other in case of any copy-move attack. i want to Detects SIFT features in one image and finds matches. I have to do it in MATLAB. –  user615864 Mar 26 '13 at 14:01
The main principles stay the same (i.e you index a set of descriptors, and you loop over each point to perform a query - except that in your use case you will have to skip itself from returned NN-s). That being said I can't help specifically on MATLAB. If it is not the case you should have a look at VLFeat MATLAB API-s. –  deltheil Mar 26 '13 at 21:56

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