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My class log is in directory:


with a method

public function add($type){

AmfPHP class abc exist in directory


it has a function which calls above method like this

$log = new log();

The problem comes in my flash game AS3: NetConnection.Call.BadVersion

when I remove these lines game runs fine (without any trouble):

//$log = new log();

what I have figured out that my external class is not accessible or ...

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Can you add a little bit more code to show more context? For example, how are you including your log class in xyz class? Also, where exactly are those two lines of code found within xyz? –  Marcela Mar 26 '13 at 20:05

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"bad version" means that you probably have some PHP error message that is being output. This corrupts your return data.

See www.silexlabs.org/amfphp/documentation/troubleshooting-and-debugging-your-project/ especially What is “NetConnection.Call.BadVersion”?

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