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I'm trying to parse a Kml file in Java. Cause I need to take the coordinates of a Placemark, to generate a poligon in java, and use it.

But my problem , is that i'm using JAK this library to parse it, and i'm not able to extract the information that i want.(I read the "help" in the official page, but I didn't found any help abut my problem)

I'm trying to do something like that:

final Kml kml = Kml.unmarshal(new File("C:/Users/A556520/Documents/Proyectos/GeoFencing/res/labasa.kml"));
final Document document = (Document)kml.getFeature();       
List<Feature> listafeatures = document.getFeature();        

But in this point I don't know how to extract the coordinates.

The file I'm trying to parse is this one: la basa

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The quick start tutorial for JAK shows how to do that. Did you try it? – Jesper Mar 26 '13 at 12:12

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Following the javadocs (unofficial) you need to check - using instanceof - each Feature whether is is a Placemark, if yes cast to it and get the Geometry which itself needs to be checked whether it is a Polygon, if yes then cast to it. After that the path to the coordinates is the following (just as it come in the kml-file):

getOuterBoundaryIs > getlinearRing > getCoordinates

Here is how it looks like in code:

public void parseKml() {
    String src = "misctests/stackoverflow/kml/labasa.kml";
    InputStream is = getClass().getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream(src);
    Kml kml = Kml.unmarshal(is);
    Feature feature = kml.getFeature();

private void parseFeature(Feature feature) {
    if(feature != null) {
        if(feature instanceof Document) {
            Document document = (Document) feature;
            List<Feature> featureList = document.getFeature();
            for(Feature documentFeature : featureList) {
                if(documentFeature instanceof Placemark) {
                    Placemark placemark = (Placemark) documentFeature;
                    Geometry geometry = placemark.getGeometry();

private void parseGeometry(Geometry geometry) {
    if(geometry != null) {
        if(geometry instanceof Polygon) {
            Polygon polygon = (Polygon) geometry;
            Boundary outerBoundaryIs = polygon.getOuterBoundaryIs();
            if(outerBoundaryIs != null) {
                LinearRing linearRing = outerBoundaryIs.getLinearRing();
                if(linearRing != null) {
                    List<Coordinate> coordinates = linearRing.getCoordinates();
                    if(coordinates != null) {
                        for(Coordinate coordinate : coordinates) {

private void parseCoordinate(Coordinate coordinate) {
    if(coordinate != null) {
        System.out.println("Longitude: " +  coordinate.getLongitude());
        System.out.println("Latitude : " +  coordinate.getLatitude());
        System.out.println("Altitude : " +  coordinate.getAltitude());
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Amazing! it works perfect! I did't see the Javadocs, :S (sorry!) But I Download it, and I'm gonna read it. I'm "new" in Java, and there are things that I don't understand at all, but, I'll read these jdocs, to understand the api ;) And again...... THANKS!!!! – Shudy Mar 26 '13 at 14:11
You're welcome! I have to say that this a weird API since you have to cast a Feature to see what it is actually, instanceof is actually bas practice in OOP, I guess those guys know what they have to deal with when they wanted to make an API for kml and the kml xml schema forced them do it this way. A good help for you, would be to look at a Feature in the debugger to see what inside it. Also you have to note that there may other xml namespaces included in a kml document such as gs, xal and so on ... They also are documented in the javadoc. – A4L Mar 26 '13 at 16:54

Came across this post, so here is part of the code of function I have been using in my app to extract Place mark name & coordinates from a String kmlText.

    if (kmlText != null & kmlText.length() > 0) {
    // Change case of relevant tags to match our search string case
    kmlText = kmlText.replaceAll("(?i)<Placemark>", "<Placemark>")
        .replaceAll("(?i)</Placemark>", "</Placemark>")
        .replaceAll("(?i)<name>", "<name>")
        .replaceAll("(?i)</name>", "</name>")
        .replaceAll("(?i)<coordinates>", "<coordinates>")
        .replaceAll("(?i)</coordinates>", "</coordinates>");
    // Get <Placemark> tag
    String[] kmlPlacemarks = kmlText.split("</Placemark>");
    if (kmlPlacemarks.length > 0) {
        for (Integer i = 0; i < kmlPlacemarks.length; i++) {
            // Add '</Placemark>' to the end - actually not necessary
            kmlPlacemarks[i] += "</Placemark>";
            if (kmlPlacemarks[i].indexOf("<Placemark>") > -1)
                /* Trim front to start from '<Placemark>'
                Otherwise additional tags may be in between leading
                to parsing of incorrect values especially Name */
                kmlPlacemarks[i] = kmlPlacemarks[i].substring(kmlPlacemarks[i].indexOf("<Placemark>"));
        String tmpPlacemarkName;
        String tmpPlacemarkCoordinates;
        for (String kmlPlacemark: kmlPlacemarks)
            if ((kmlPlacemark.indexOf("<name>") > -1 && kmlPlacemark.indexOf("</name>") > -1) &&
                    (kmlPlacemark.indexOf("<coordinates>") > -1 && kmlPlacemark.indexOf("</coordinates>") > -1)) {
                tmpPlacemarkCoordinates = kmlPlacemark.substring(kmlPlacemark.indexOf("<coordinates>") + 13, kmlPlacemark.indexOf("</coordinates>"));
                tmpPlacemarkName = kmlPlacemark.substring(kmlPlacemark.indexOf("<name>") + 6, kmlPlacemark.indexOf("</name>"));
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