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In Matlab if I have a function f such as the signature is f(a,b,c), I can make a function which has only one variable b, which would call f with a fixed a=a1 and c=c1:

g = @(b) f(a1, b, c1);

Is there an equivalent in R, or do I just need to redefine a new function ?

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There is also the convenient functional::Curry functional:

f <- function(a, b, c) {a + b + c}
f(1, 2, 3)
# [1] 6

g <- Curry(f, a = a1, c = c1)
# [1] 6
# [1] 6

I think an important difference with @NPE's solution is that the definition of g using Curry does not mention b. So you might prefer this approach when the number of arguments in f becomes large.

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There's also pryr::partial and in ptools, %<<%, %>>% and %()%. It's not clear how partial evaluation and lazy evaluation of arguments should interact, and each package takes a slightly different approach. –  hadley Mar 26 '13 at 13:17
g <- function(b) f(a1, b, c1)
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