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I used Clear Image Com dll to make a Image processing service libray. I have a interface Imagery for service contract which contains a methodLoadBitmapFromFile(imgFileName). My service class overrides this method and use clear image com dll and its method to cropping an image. further I created a Windows form for consume this service but when

Imagery img;
 img = new ServiceReference1.ImageryClient();

  pictureBox1.Image = img.GetBitmap();

Imagery is my service contract.I create a the service which refers as ServiceReference1. LoadBitmapFromFile(imgFileName)--this method is actually defined in service class. when it call from client I get following error:

{"The underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly."}

what is wrong in my case? Is it the problem of using Com dll in service layer.? Can anyone help me?

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You might want to add try catch block to capture exception and than create a new connection. Possible cause could be timeout.

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