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I have three query against the server. Before each query breeze run "Metadata". Is there a way to run this function only once? I think there is no need for it, because the model hasn't changed.

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Without more information, the only reason that i can think that can make breeze to ask for metadata in each query is because you are not reusing the manager and you are creating a new manager for each query.

If that is the reason, you can see this section of the documentation where is explained how to share a single entity manager:


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No i defined my manager in my masterViewModel. "var query1 ...", "masterViewModel.manager.executeQuery(query1)", "var query2 ..." , "masterViewModel.manager.exeut..." , "var query3" ..." breeze run metadata for all three queries –  spitzbuaamy Mar 29 '13 at 12:55

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