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I am trying to set up an email notification in TeamCity on my project fail. I have set up some user with their information, but when my project fails. i dont get any email.

I have given all the information in 'Email Notofication' tab and did 'Test Connection' giving my email address and it says connection successful. Just wanted to confirm, should i be expecting/getting an email when testing connection with my email address or system just pings/checks if connection is ok?

In my 'Settings and Tools' (under administrator), i have one watched project under 'Email Notifier' which watches for build fail for my project.

Did anyone encountered this problem before, any help will be appreciated


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When testing connection with your email address, you should receive a test email.

If you didn't receive any test email but it said connection successful, my experience is that sometimes the email ends up in your Junk mail folder. Please check if that is the case.

And if that is not the case, I suggest testing the SMTP server your teamcity server uses, following this guide:

How to test a SMTP server by using telnet

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i tried looking in my server logs and cant find anything when i test my connection, is it that email isnt getting generated at all? –  Jay Apr 18 '13 at 10:35

In addition, to successfully setting up SMTP server, you will have to do the following:

After logging-into TeamCity, you will see a dropdown next to your username on top-right.

  1. Select "My settings & tools".
  2. Under "Watched Builds and Notifications", edit the "Email notifier" settings to indicate when you should be notified via email.

So, our case, we have configured the admin's email id to be project-developers' group email id, so that every one gets an email about build status.

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