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In my JSP I have

<%@ page import "com.example.Elenco" %>

but inside a very small scriptlet, whenever i try to instantiate Elenco, it requires the full name.

If i write

Elenco a = new Elenco(blabla);

Eclipse gives the following error: "Elenco cannot be resolved to a type", and I have to write

com.example.Elenco a = new com.example.Elenco(blabla);

that is pretty uncomfortable. Do exist any method to make the package name not mandatory?

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Your import directive seems to be wrong. Try

<%@ page import="com.example.Elenco" %>

You are missing the =.

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The syntax is

<%@ page import="com.example.Elenco" %>
               ^--- you need an equal sign here
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