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I am trying to consume some SOAP Web Service from perl with SOAP::Lite. my script looks like :

use SOAP::Lite;
my $url1 = http://myUsername:myPassword@myProxyServer:port;
my $url2 = https: //myUsername:myPassword@server.wsdl;

print SOAP::Lite
    -> proxy($url1)
    -> service($url2)
    ->myMethod("foo", "bar");

and i get this error :

Server description https://myUsername:myPassword@server.wsdl can't be loaded: 500 Can't connect to http://myUsername:myPassword@myProxyServer:port

. The $url1 and $url2 urls are correct and the myMethod method exist in wsdl file.

Any help will be apreciated.


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SOAP::Lite cannot consume WSDL as far as I know.

If you want to use SOAP::Lite, you will need to read the WSDL yourself, and figure out the correct value to use for $url2

Or you could take a look at building a client based around XML::Compile, which can process WSDL and allow you to call a service based on it.

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