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I have successfully configured Asterisk Asterisk 10.12.1 on Ubuntu 12.04 & all the packages which were required has been installed successfully. Then i added an account in sip.conf file & added that account in SFlphone but it is not registering and giving the following error:

Not Registered. Server returned "Method not allowed" (405).

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How to debug asterisk sip protocol:

1)connect via ssh

2) type in:

asterisk -r
sip set debug on
core set verbose 10

check log.

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I was facing similar problem and solved it like this:

what is the problem?

Asterisk SIP and SFL Phone are trying to use same port number 5060

The implication: is your sip calls are looping back to the SFL phone rather than going to the asterisk server if the SFLpone owns the port number otherwise it wont work at all (because you are telling the SFLpone to use port 5060 while another app is using it).

The solution:

1. Stop both asterisk and SFLphone make sure this by running this command: sudo fuser -n udp 5060 , if there is any app running on this port you will see its process id and kill it (sudo kill -9 pid).

2. Start Asterisk (now asterisk will safely use the port 5060 for its SIP module)

3. Start your SFLphone.

4. On your SFLphone goto accounts , then click edit for the account you are using. Then going to the Advanced tab change the local port number from 5060 (the default) to anything else (e.g 5062).

5. Now close the window and try to register

If you are seeing another error let me hear that.

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