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In matplotlib, how can I adjust the alignment of the legend title? It is always centered, but I need it to be left aligned with the legend box. I tried to change the alignment of the title's Text artist which has no effect. See the following example for details:

from pylab import *

x = linspace(0, 1)
plot(x, x, label="1")
plot(x, x**2, label="2")
plot(x, x**3, label="3")
plot(x, sqrt(x), label="square root")

l = legend(title="Title", loc="best")
l.get_title().set_ha("left")               # <== does not work


The question boils down to what and who controls the anchor point of the title alignment? Changing the alignment to "right" or "center" has a noticeable effect. Second observation: for long title strings the anchor point moves to the left border of the legend box ...

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The title text is actually "left aligned" by default. The anchor point for the alignment is in the centre of the legend box. Can one specify a different anchor point? Maybe there is a VPacker or HPacker instance associated with Legend? –  Erwin411 Mar 26 '13 at 14:14
For my current case I have a solution: simply say l.get_title().set_ha("center"). The text is then centred with the mysterious anchor point (which is roughly between handles and label texts) and it looks good. For a "Very super long title", however, the anchor point moves to the left border of the box ... –  Erwin411 Mar 26 '13 at 14:23
Had the same questions as set_ha('left') does not work –  Jimi Oke Mar 19 at 22:03

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I think you need to displace the Text object, using the set_position((x, y)) method. The units of x and y are pixels, so you'll have to experiment with what values look right, or use a Transform. I'm not sure off hand which combination of Transforms might be most useful.

So in short, something like this might work:

l.get_title().set_postion((-10, 0)) # -10 is a guess
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Thanks! set_position() indeed moves the title. However, I would not like to hard-wire the displacement but rather compute it from the box extents. This appears to become pretty involved ... –  Erwin411 Mar 26 '13 at 14:11

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