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On my Windows 7 system, making changes to the iPython configuration file for the Qt console doesn't seem to have any effect. I just use (and changed) the default profile (not explicitly stated in the commandline, but tried and no effect either). The configuration file seems to be present in the proper location:

C:\Users\<user name>\.ipython\profile_default\ipython_qtconsole_config.py

So what was suggested in this post did not work out for me.

I use iPython 0.13.1 on Python 3.2.3. For Qt bindings, I use PySide 1.1.2.

Any suggestion?

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Check that the Profile dir is correct with ipython profile locate ? And Try to start with the --debug flag to have more info maybe...

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When I do ipython3 profile list then it returns that there is a default profile in C:\Users\<user name>\.ipython. The --debug option tells me: C:\Python32\Scripts>ipython3 qtconsole --pylab=inline --profile==default --debug [IPythonQtConsoleApp] Config changed: [IPythonQtConsoleApp] {'Application': {'log_level': 10}, 'BaseIPythonApplication': {'profile': '=default'}, 'IPKernelApp': {'pylab': 'inline'}} [IPythonQtConsoleApp] Profile '=default' not found. [IPythonQtConsoleApp] Exiting application: ipython-qtconsole –  Puggie Mar 26 '13 at 14:17
Sorry, there was I typo in above comment and therefore the part about the --debug option should be ignored. Your advise to enable the --debug option was helpful, thanks. An exception was raised while loading the config file and I found the problem: an almost invisible space was in front of the enabled code lines in the config file :( –  Puggie Mar 26 '13 at 14:30

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