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Always a matter of making my software quality as always I'm trying to understand release management version and the choice of versions.

Using UberSVN on Ubuntu Server and TortoiseSVN as a client for Windows. In the options can not figure out how to do pretty much a version release.

I would also theoretically understand the release of a version of the software.

The choice of the version after revisions as it is done?

Thanks in advance.

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Subversion does not enforce any sort of "release of a version" of software. At its core, it's a versioned filesystem (that's a simplification). You need to build your own methodology & structure around building & releasing your software, using Subversion as the source of the items you're releasing.

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Thank you so much response. You advise me something in particular? any software or any documentation. For quality how do I manage versions, where they have to physically go? To a folder on my local drive? must be on the server at / www / so that the new release if it contains errors can be quickly replaced with the old version? –  Fobos Mar 27 '13 at 7:34
I can't advise anything specific because I know nothing about your environment, policies, processes, procedures, client expectations, etc. Once you decide upon a methodology (there are plenty of examples with some simple searching), you can decide how Subversion integrates into that. –  alroc Mar 27 '13 at 11:16

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