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I'm not sure if I'm constructing the query with AND and OR properly. When I query to just match tag, I get a handful of matching videos. But when I try the second query, (to make sure that a video isn't related to itself), the query returns all videos.

Update: I'm looking to return videos that have at least one of the same tags as video in question, but the list returned does not include video. Basically a related_videos feature.

from solveforx.lib.moonshots import Video
from google.appengine.ext import ndb

video = Video.query().get()
tags = video.tags or []

for tag in tags:
  print Video.query(Video.tags == tag).count() # returns 1
  print "-------"
  print Video.query(Video.tags == tag and Video.key != video.key) # returns total videos - 1
  print "========"
  # also tried this
  # print Video.query(Video.tags == tag, ndb.AND(Video.key != moonshot.key)).count() # returns 0
  # print Video.query(ndb.AND(ndb.AND(Video.tags == tag), ndb.AND(Video.key != video.key) )).count()

Looking at the documentation on this, but not sure how the operators are working.

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Mehul, I'm a little unclear, what is the result you expect from the second conditional query? Your comments show both queries return 1. Which one is wrong? –  kevin Mar 26 '13 at 14:30
Sorry, I updated the question with what I was actually intending to do. Also going to answer my own question! –  mehulkar Mar 26 '13 at 14:40

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AND takes at least two parameters. You should do:

Video.query(ndb.AND(Video.tags == tag, Video.key != video.key))

From the link that you posted you can see more examples on how to combine it with ndb.OR as well.

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This worked:

for tag in tags:
  Video.query(Video.tags == tag, Video.key != video.key)
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