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I have displayed a table using iterator with a radio button for each row, based on the row selected I want perform edit and delete operations by clicking on a button. How do I retrieve all the values in the row selected by clicking edit or delete button?

This is my code:

<s:iterator value="List" var="Bean">
        <td><s:radio theme="simple" name="ID" list="#{'ID':''}"/>

        <td ><s:property value="ID"/></td>
        <td ><s:property value="NAME"/></td>
        <td ><s:property value="STATUS"/></td>
        <td ><s:property value="TYPE"/></td>      


Using s:radio I can retrieve the ID but I want to retrieve all the values in that row selected.

Is there any possible way of setting the bean for only the row selected so I retrieve its value in the action class?

The ID is not unique, so I cannot use it to retrieve the values in the row I select

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Just retrieve it by the given ID from the DB? – BalusC Mar 26 '13 at 14:36
The ID is not its primary key , it has a composite primary key – user2077648 Mar 27 '13 at 2:41
composite by what ? Add all the informations by editing your question please – Andrea Ligios Mar 27 '13 at 8:37

In your code, you don't have edit features, because you're using <s:property/> tag that outputs text only.

For editing capabilities, you need an interactive tag, like a <s:textfield/>.

Please note that your List and Bean (and all your attributes) values are non-standard, because they should begin with a lowercase letter (getList() -> list, getBean() -> bean). Please refer to JavaBeans standard, and use CamelCase notation.

<s:iterator value="list" var="bean" status="ctr">
        <td> <s:radio name="selectedId" list="#{'id':''}  
                      theme="simple" />                       </td>

        <td> <s:property value="id"/>                         </td>

        <td> <s:textfield name="bean[#ctr.index].name"/>      </td>
        <td> <s:textfield name="bean[#ctr.index].status"/>    </td>
        <td> <s:textfield name="bean[#ctr.index].type"/>      </td>

This way you will need on the Action:

@Getter @Setter private Long selectedId; 
@Getter @Setter private List<MyObject> list;

and you will access the selected element by looping the list, and picking up the record whose id field is matching selectedId.

You can achieve that automatically by using the iterator #ctr.index property instead of the id, but the list must be synchronized;

You can achieve that automatically in a really better way by using a Map instead of a List, and using id as key, and myObject as value.


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Thanks for the answer, but the problem is that the ID is not unique – user2077648 Mar 27 '13 at 2:51
How do I get the value of the List from one action to another? Do I need to use sessions? – user2077648 May 12 '13 at 9:42

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