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I created a JAR file and i need to call its methods from a Php file. I tried doing it with Php-java bridge but, it works only with sun java 6 which is an abandoned version. Also, i feel that using php-java bridge is not the best way of achieving what i want as it was updated ages ago. Are there any other methods which i can follow to call my java functions from a php file?

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Couple methods: 1. Wrap your JAR in a REST/Soap web service, 2. Use RPC, 3. Use php exec – gerrytan Mar 26 '13 at 14:09

Execute your java programm from PHP with shell_exec(comand to start your java programm), it will return you the output from your java programm as string.

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See Run Java class file from PHP script on a website.

In a nutshell: Use PHP's exec() function. It needs to be done very carefully, as described in the referenced issue, but if you do it right, (I've found) it can be a cleaner solution than the bridge method.

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