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I am working on a project to implement Dijkstra's shortest route algorithm in java. I have used this version in my program : LINK

My program takes a source and gives me output like this:

Distance to PE Hall: 0.0 Path: [PE Hall]

Distance to Reception: 1.0 Path: [PE Hall, Reception]

Distance to Stairs: 3.0 Path: [PE Hall, Stairs]

Distance to Refectory: 7.0 Path: [PE Hall, Stairs, Refectory]

What I really want is the output to give me the distances between each node in the path, for example:

Distance to Refectory: 7.0 Path: [PE Hall 0.0, Stairs 3.0, Refectory 4.0]



I realised the program stores paths by adding a "previous vertex" variable in each vertex. My output is exactly how I want it, but, the distances my method returns by iterating back over the path are not correct.

Target = E250 Distance = 0.0 {E250=0.0}
Target = D Distance = 10.0 {E250=0.0, D=10.0}
Target = C250Trans Distance = 35.0 {E250=0.0, C250Trans=10.0, D=10.0}

here is the method I use to create an arraylist with the path and distances between each point

public static ArrayList<String> getShortestPaths(Vertex target)
      ArrayList<String> path = new ArrayList<String>();
      for (Vertex vertex = target; vertex != null; vertex = vertex.previous)
             path.add( + "=" + vertex.getDistFromPrev());
      return path;

And here is the method I use to get the distances between each point in the path, contained in the vertex class:

 public double getDistFromPrev()
    double weight = 0.;
    for(Edge e : adjacencies){
        if( == this.previous){
            weight = e.weight;
    return weight;

here is the distance matrix for reference:

E250 - D = 10

D - C250 = 25

if someone could please clarify why iterating over the path using each vertex's previous variable is returning incorrect edge distances that would help me greatly.

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When you update distance to node also remember "incoming vertex". As result you can take distance from latest vertex to start vertex. – Толя Mar 26 '13 at 14:12
some one help me please!!! – a.hrdie Apr 19 '13 at 0:52
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You know the path:

PE Hall, Stairs, Refectory

You also know the distances to every location in the path:

PE Hall: 0.0 
Reception: 1.0 
Stairs: 3.0 
Refectory: 7.0 

Dijkstra's is giving you the information you want, you just need to "format" it appropriately (e.g. write a small helper function that combines the data and call your helper after Dijkstra's is done).

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Let s be the starting vertex of your path, d(v) be the distance of vertex v to vertex s and let e = w->v be an edge of the path. Then the length of e is d(v) - d(w). In your example, the length of the edge Stairs -> Refectory is 7.0 - 3.0 = 4.0

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