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I have some trouble with Firefox und CSS3 Keyframes. With Chrome and Safari there are no problems. It seems as though FF ignore the CSS command 'top', but I do not know why. I change the position to relative, but no success.

The Code:

.tile {

#tile1 {
 animation:tile1 6s linear infinite;
 /* older Firefox: */
 -moz-animation:tile1 6s linear infinite;
 /* Safari and Chrome: */
 -webkit-animation:tile1 6s linear infinite;
 /* Opera: */
 -o-animation:tile1 6s linear infinite; 

@keyframes tile1 {
 0%      { left:10px; visibility:visible;}
 10%     { left:20px; top:10px; }
 20%     { left:30px; top:15px; }
 30%     { left:40px; top:10px; }
 40%     { left:50px; top:0px; }
 50%     { left:60px; top:10px; }
 60%     { left:70px; top:15px; }
 70%     { left:80px; top:10px; }
 80%     { left:90px; top:0px; }
 90%     { left:100px; top:10px; }
 100%    { left:115px; top:15px; }

I have made a small text box that does practically the same and it works. I can't figure it out what is wrong in the Code above.

#testbox {
    animation: test 5s linear infinite;

@keyframes test {
    0% { left:100px; top:100px; }
    100% { left:10px; top:10px; }
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It is searching for top position to start.

You may want to look for an example here

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Oh jesus! I knew it is a very small overseeable error. Thank you so much, bro! :-) – skull3r7 Mar 26 '13 at 17:00

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