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I'm trying to view my trace information in the Compute Emulator, but for some reason the worker roles that I'm debugging don't show up there (screenshot). It appears that I'm missing the 'service deployments' tree in which the running deployments should be located.

  • VS2012 is always started as administrator
  • Apart from this issue, the role functions as normal, the emulator is started: started.
  • The problem remains when creating a new Azure service with a worker role.
  • Uninstalling the Azure SDK, and everything Azure-related followed by a manual re-install of individual components did not solve the problem.
  • Using the csrun.exe /status command in the Azure command prompt confirms that there is a role running when I'm debugging: screenshot

I know this should be possible, since it worked on my Windows 7 installation, but I don't believe that I've gotten it to work on my Windows 8.

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This problem is fixed by simply dragging the splitter back to the right. Apparently, there is no minimum or maximum width on the navigation pane on the left and it can look like it has disappeared whenever it is dragged to the left.

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