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My case: In one place of my Django app I decided to use plain SQL, for optimization purpose - I was need a complex join, and Django ORM does not capable do such job. But use of plain SQL caused another problem - this function preferably should return a QuerySet object, and it is become impossible.

And so Im wonder - is there any approaches for constructing QuerySets manually?

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As MattH suggested, RawQuerySet by qs.raw() is good option. Constructing QuerySets manually looks like this, its undocumented and hard to write and read, do it as a last resort.. –  okm Mar 26 '13 at 14:35

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There are two approaches immediately available.

  1. QuerySet.extra allows you to specify additional SQL.
  2. Manager.raw allows you to write a raw sql query that will expect to be mapped to model objects.
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