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How can I round off a decimal to the nearest 0.5 in matlab? E.g. I want 16.625 to be rounded to 16.5

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It's the same logic, the same question was made for C#

result = round(value*2)/2;

And to generalize, according to aardvarkk's suggestion, if you want to round to the closest accuracy acc, for example acc = 0.5:

acc = 0.5;
result = round(value/acc)*acc;
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This gives the correct answer -- mine doesn't! I'll delete mine, but I'd recommend you generalize the result (i.e. what if we wanted to round to the nearest 0.05...) –  aardvarkk Mar 26 '13 at 14:45
yes, I was actually typing a comment to your answer, I will edit mine. –  George Aprilis Mar 26 '13 at 14:49
if abs(a-b-0.5) <= 0.25
  if a-b-0.5 < 0
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If you go the multiply by 2 - round - divide by 2 route, you may get some (very small) numerical errors. You can do it using mod to avoid this:

x = 16.625; 
dist = mod(x, 0.5); 
floorVal = x - dist; 
newVal = floorVal; 
if dist >= 0.25, newVal = newVal + 0.5; end

You could do it in fewer steps, but here I have broken it up so you can see what each step does.

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