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I'm trying to install a node.js module (zmq in this case) with npm install. The C lib needed for this module is not installed in a standard location. How do I specify extra include paths and lib paths to npm? I've tried things like "CFLAGS="-I/path/to/include" npm install" with no effect.

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The zeromq module can be built as follows (other modules may work the same):

  • download the zip file and unpack into a temporary location e.g. /tmp/zeromq.node-master
  • edit the binding.gyp file
  • find the section that corresponds with your OS and add your include -I and library -L paths there.


['OS=="linux"', {
  'cflags': [
    '<!(pkg-config libzmq --cflags 2>/dev/null || echo "")',
  'libraries': [
    '<!(pkg-config libzmq --libs 2>/dev/null || echo "")',
  • Run npm install on the temporary directory: npm install /tmp/zeromq.node-master
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worked great! Thanks so much!! –  kronuus Aug 1 '14 at 20:36

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