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I forked a repository on my Github account that has over 1000 commits and 20 branches.

I then cloned it on my local machine.

Is there any way I can update both my local machine's repo and my Github's repo with the original one with all the branches and commits?

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maybe it's too late, but a late answer better than nothing:

# add the upstream:

git remote add upstream https://github.com/whoever/whatever.git

#create a script to loop through the whole branches and merge changes or create them if not found

sync_all_branch () {
  git fetch upstream
  for upstream_branch in   $( git branch -a |awk 'BEGIN {FS="/"} $2=="upstream" {print $3}' ) ;
      if git checkout $upstream_branch
          echo merge $upstream_branch
          git merge -s recursive -Xours upstream/$upstream_branch 
          echo create $upstream_branch
          git checkout -b $upstream_branch upstream/$upstream_branch
  git checkout master

# then call the script


#push changes to your remote repository

git push --all

if you want to rebase your branches on top of the upstream branches (delete the changes you made and not merged to the upstream), you should change

git merge -s recursive -Xours upstream/$upstream_branch 


git rebase -s recursive -Xours upstream/$upstream_branch 

and add "-f" to he last command

*the sync_all_branch script is from http://stackoverflow.com/a/7766487/2481592

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Great answer. +1 –  VonC Feb 2 '14 at 10:07

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