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TextBox txtContent = new TextBox();

SPList announcementList = mySite.Lists["Announcements"];
SPListItem getAnnouncement = announcementList.Items[0];
txtContent.Text = getAnnouncement["Body"].ToString();

this gives output as

<div class="ExternalClass61EB4AB2F639401D9141EADFC30FEDFE">
    <p>Please follow plan of action.​</p>

I want output as

"Please follow plan of action."

Please Guide.

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Use SPFieldMultiLineText like the following:

SPListItem getAnnouncement = announcementList.Items[0];
SPFieldMultiLineText bodyField = getAnnouncement.Fields.GetField("Body") as SPFieldMultiLineText;
string txt = bodyField.GetFieldValueAsText(getAnnouncement["Body"]);
string html = bodyField.GetFieldValueAsHtml(getAnnouncement["Body"]);
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If you're looking to remove the HTML from the content, this answer will help you:

How can I strip HTML tags from a string in ASP.NET?

There are a number of solutions there, such as the one with Regex. You would just need this line of code:

txtContent.Text=WebUtility.HtmlDecode(Regex.Replace(getAnnouncement["Body"].ToString(), "<[^>]*(>|$)", string.Empty))
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SPHttpUtility.ConvertSimpleHtmlToText(text, text.Length - 1);
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